Circular Spirit

Oil on Canvas – 74 x 74cm – Framed original by Neal Scrase 2018

Original Painting and prints available.

Circular Spirit was completed over the winter of 2018. This period of the year is always a negative time for me…. the Cold, Short days, Dark nights and it take a long long time to pass.

Not surprisingly this means my work tends to be darker in both colour tone and spirit as I wait for the warm springs and long light summer evenings and the sunshine bring with it a fresh new light each year.

So does the represent the inner turmoil of my mood over the winter or does this drive a need and optimism as I wait for the distance spring and summer months? There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel… there always will be as we return to the same dilemma each year and then cycle starts once more.

This is work will be on show at the International Art Fair later in the year.

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