About the Artist

I have been painting for most of my life but have only managed to devote serious time to this passion over the last 15 years. I never managed to find the time to take an art course or attend college so all that I have achieved to this point is self taught, mostly by trial and error. However it has been an interesting time learning and researching the many different methods and processes that go into making the final piece of art.

I have never been able to afford original artwork that I liked, which means that I have had to create all my own work for my home. Now that I have covered all my walls I can look to sell my newer work or some of my most treasured older works (or buy a bigger house).

My work tends to lean toward the surreal. I want to portray the image that I see in my mind rather than reproduce the image that we all can see. I cannot see the point in creating a photo realistic image that can only demonstrate the extraordinary talent of the artist. I want to view the image from a different perspective, a view of what could be or might be if we relax the need for exact reproduction.

Colour is another area that I like to corrupt for artistic effect. What if the image was mono tone or in an extreme tonal range that cannot be seen but only imagined.

You might enjoy the images that are within this site… but then again you might not… there is no right or wrong, only your personal perspective. What you see and how you interpret the image is down to you. I don’t like to be lead by a panel of text telling me what to think, I prefer to accept the feeling that the image creates within me.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to email or leave a comment with any thoughts that are either positive or negative.

Neal Scrase