About the Carver

I spent many years as an Events Organiser putting on shows which included wood sculpture exhibitions, and I spent many hours amazed by the beauty of the sculptures and the skill of the carvers. I never thought I would be able to carve and it was only because I got to know the carvers that one day one of them sat me down with a lump of lime, put a gouge in my hand and told me to “dig some holes in that”.

I haven’t stopped digging holes, or finding immense satisfaction from a razor sharp gouge swishing across the grain until the sculpture hidden inside the log is revealed.

I do little preparation and work instinctively, cutting away until the image in my head becomes a reality.  This way of working means I produce more ornamental firewood than most of my contemporaries, but I have an open fire.

My biggest influence is Ian Norbury who is not only one of the finest wood sculptors in Britain, but who has also written many books on the subject, most of which I now have. I was lucky enough to attend a 3 day Masterclass at his studio in Ireland which was inspirational.  His website is well worth a visit.

My speciality has become the human form, and this is usually nude and usually female, which has lead to my being asked if I am a lesbian.  Regrettably I am not that interesting, as my husband will testify.


Lyn McCracken